We work to create opportunities for active internationalization on and off campus, knowledge generation and leadership formation in a global context.



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Knowledge and leadership generation in a global context

Since 2015, the DRI – International Relations Office of Facens – has been responsible for providing to Facens community opportunities for active internationalization on and off campus, knowledge generation and leadership formation in a global context. Our international partnerships are signed with renowned institutions in Asia, Americas and Europe.


Facens University is located in the city of Sorocaba, founded in 1654 and since then it is in a constant process of expansion. With more than 650 thousand inhabitants, it is a city with flavor of the countryside, but with the modernity of the big city. It performs an important historical role in the state and country, being a fundamental part in the colonial period of the Bandeirantes, with the movement of the mineral economy, and Tropeirismo, an activity of interconnection of the Brazilian economic poles. Later, it stood out in industrial development, being known at that time as “Manchester Paulista”.

Sorocaba has several squares, parks, museums and bike paths with many historical and cultural attractions. It is also the seat of a Metropolitan Region, being the most industrialized city in the state. The proximity of the state capital, São Paulo, benefited the creation of a large industrial park, with dozens of multinational companies from various sectors.

Furthermore, it counts with Parque Tecnológico de Sorocaba, which aims to disseminate the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Sorocaba and the region through the articulation between the government, higher education institutions and business and industrial sector, accelerating the transformation of knowledge into wealth.

Strategically positioned, Facens is close to this industrial hub of national, international and multinational companies, many of which are partners of the institution, further enriching the experience of its students.
SOURCE: City Hall of Sorocaba 



Incoming - Instituto Politécnico da Guarda - Portugal

"The experience was undoubtedly positive, providing an immeasurable personal and professional growth. Undoubtely, I would recommend Facens as an international exchange destination, as I have already recommended before. Studying at Facens is to be cheerful every day."


Incoming - International Intern - Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich/Switzerland

"At Facens I had the opportunity to have contact with areas of engineering that I did not know and which I began to appreciate, and that will be part of my future studies. [...] I will return home with a stronger cultural background [...]."


Outgoing - Global Study (exchange) - Università degli Studi di Firenze (UNIFI)/Italy

"[...] My adaptation so far has been positive. I quickly established a routine, I’m in a place I’ve planned and prepared to be for years, so language is no longer a barrier. [...]"


Incoming -  Double Degree - Universitat de Lleida/Spain

"[...] It’s like a new life in a very short period of time, and I think it’s really cool. Wherever you’re from, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity."


Outgoing - Double Degree - Universitat de Lleida/Spain

"[...] I believe it will be a new challenge, totally different from the exchange I experienced in Lleida in 2019, but I believe it will be of great personal and professional growth.. [...]"


Outgoing - Professional Experience (internship) - Fraunhofer Institute/Germany

"[...] I would like to say that this project is incredible, in both personal and professional matters, and so I recommend it, so that more people have this same opportunity."