Facens has new structure and announces new rector

Facens has new structure and announces new rector

In the second semester of 2021 starts with the announcement of professor Dr. Fabiano Prado Marques as the new rector of Facens University.

Professor Marques holds a PhD in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics at USP (University of São Paulo) with over 15-year experience in the Education sector, acting in management positions and leading projects for the implementation and expansion of Engineering and Technology Institutions.

Professor PhD Fabiano Prado Marques 

Eng. Paulo Roberto Freitas de Carvalho, rector since 2014, is now Executive Director of IP Facens (Research Institute), leading all the projects that the Facens carries out and develops for companies.

We also inform that Professor Msc. Luciano Freire is in charge of the Academic Prorectorate. Professor Freire has extensive experience in academic management, having held several prominent positions in major higher education institutions in Brazil.

MCTI and Facens inaugurate the Reference Center on IoT and Technologies 4.0

MCTI and Facens inaugurate the Reference Center on IoT and Technologies 4.0

MCTI – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, in partnership with Facens, inaugurated last April 4, the FACENS-MCTI Reference Center on IoT and Technologies 4.0.

The aim of this initiative is to create a place for practical demonstration of IoT solutions (Internet of Things) in areas defined by the Ministry as priorities in the National Plan of Internet of Things, such as Cities 4.0, Health 4.0, Agro 4.0, Industry 4.0, Tourism 4.0 and Education 4.0.

The project is part of the Technical Cooperation Agreement that was signed during the inauguration of the Center between the Sorocaba Technological Park (PTS), Facens and MCTI.

“While the advance in technologies is making many tasks more efficient and accurate, we have to remember that we need to create jobs for people, aligned with this progress. We cannot withhold the technological progress to maintain jobs, but we can prepare and retrain professionals, as well as train the new generations already adapted to this new scenario” says the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, astronaut Marcos Pontes.

The Reference Center will be integrated into the Smart Campus Facens, which is a laboratory aimed at solving real problems, connecting the academic community, market, companies and society, through projects that make cities more humane, intelligent and sustainable.

Facens at local press:

Federal Government: https://www.gov.br/pt-br/noticias/transito-e-transportes/2021/04/centro-de-referencia-em-internet-das-coisas-e-tecnologias-4-0-e-inaugurado

Connected Smart Cities: https://portal.connectedsmartcities.com.br/2021/05/01/em-parceria-com-facens-e-parque-tecnologico-de-sorocaba-mcti-inaugura-centro-de-referencia-em-iot-e-tecnologias-4-0/

Watch the Reference Center inauguration ceremony:

Portuguese Course for Foreigners

Portuguese Course for Foreigners

Facens/CCBEU Language Institute is launching its Portuguese course for foreigners. The program is open to all foreigners in Sorocaba and the region, and for partner institutions and affiliated international networks interested in learning Portuguese with promotional value.

– Intensive course (20h – 2 weeks)
Target audience:
for students without knowledge of the language or with very little knowledge, who are looking for a quick and practical course just to learn basic Portuguese essentials for communication.
Objective: Use of Portuguese in everyday situations.

– Regular courses (40h – 20 weeks each level – basic, intermediate and advanced)
Target audience:
non-native speakers of Portuguese

In order to register and get further information, please fill out the form in the link https://forms.gle/wrpszvwxjwUic3Lh6 

Enrollment for the first groups is available until May 21. Beginning of classes are pending on number of students enrolled.

Facens and partners create São Paulo’s largest 5G connected campus

Facens and partners create São Paulo’s largest 5G connected campus

Facens together with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Embratel, and Claro, with the support of its innovation hub – beOn Claro – announce the implementation of the largest campus to be connected with 5G technology in the State of São Paulo, in Sorocaba, headquarters of the educational institution.

Named the Facens 5G Smart Campus, the initiative will allow companies, startups and academia to learn about, test, prototype and scale their products and services for various sectors using a dedicated 5G network.

Claro’s 5G, installed at Facens by Ericsson and the operator, can also be used by students at the university to optimize their academic activities, confirming itself as an important differential for the institution and its students.

In addition, having 5G within the campus will foster new projects and innovative research developed by Facens, both for industry and for society. The 5G network as implemented uses elements from commercial solutions activated with a scientific license granted by Anatel.

The purpose of the Facens 5G Smart Campus is to make the most advanced, secure, and innovative 5G network accessible to the academic and business community, enabling businesses to remold rapidly so as to thrive in a new reality – the connected society, the 5G society.

“This is a very important step for Facens, for the region and for the whole industrial and technological sector. Although 5G will start in our 4.0 automation lab, our intention is to expand it to research and projects across the entire campus, especially the Facens Smart Campus. 5G will transform industry and society, and being one of the pioneers in this technological turnaround is something that will allow us to move forward and stay ahead in the academic and developmental sphere,” says Paulo Roberto de Carvalho, Rector of Facens University Center.

Facens at local press:

Forbes: https://www.forbes.com.br/forbes-tech/2021/04/china-e-detem-70-dos-maiores-fornecedores-de-smartphones-pagolivre-ibm-muito-mais/

Canal Tech: https://canaltech.com.br/telecom/sao-paulo-agora-tem-maior-campus-de-estudos-5g-no-centro-universitario-facens-182918/

LINCE Facens achievements in 2020

LINCE Facens (Laboratory for Innovation in Student Competitions) has prepared for a promising 2020, with many competitions and breathtaking tests! In March, for example, the Baja Mud Racing team participated with an entirely new car in the 26th National competition in São José dos Campos. However, the Coronavirus pandemic arrived and left everyone at home, unable to compete in person. But LINCE is driven by adrenaline and, as always, innovated! Some of the modalities have adapted to the new reality and held their competitions, or part of them, in the online format.

The StrongerTech team participated in a virtual competition organized by Ibracon, Concregame, in which the teams participated in a question and answer game about concrete and its technology. Of the 14 teams registered in the Championship, StrongerTech took the fifth runner-up!

The Omegabtoz team also participated in an online competition. In July, the team was first runner-up at RSM Virtual, the first virtual and international robotics competition. In addition to participating in an online robotics competition, Omegabotz innovated and launched the Facens Beta Challenge – Competition for hockey-mini robots. The championship was a pioneer in its category, in addition to debuting the second official hockey arena in the country and with the participation of national and international teams, being broadcast live by Facens Play.

The B’Energy team, Facens’ electric car, was prepared for an unprecedented competition for the team in California! However, with the postponement of the competition, the team participated in an online event that simulated the project, costs and business plan in relation to the car. In addition, B’Energy started a new project for the electric formula: in 2021 it starts the development of a hybrid electric prototype with Fuel Cell technology, powered by hydrogen for the Ballard H2 Challenge. This challenge is an initiative of SAE Brasil with the company Ballard, manufacturer of the Fuel Cell.

For 2021, the teams are already warming up the engines. As the face-to-face competitions were postponed, some stages were transferred to online and have already taken place this year, such as the presentation of the project on video and the fulfillment of engineering challenges proposed by the organization.

Facens welcomes Guto Requena, internationally recognized architect from Sorocaba

Creativity, innovation and technology are important aspects that Facens values a lot. When they meet, they are able to produce fantastic works and unique experiences for users. This prompted us to open a course in Architecture and Urbanism, with differentials to unite all that is best on our campus, always focused on offering the best experience for students. In March 2020, Facens received the Sorocaban architect, Guto Requena, who spoke with Architecture and Urbanism students about the fundamental role of Architecture in stimulating sensations by combining technology since the beginning of the creative process. The students were able to interact about the practice of concepts worked in the classroom such as: parametric, performative architecture, neuro architecture, digital fabrication and hacking cities. In addition to providing the space for the exchange of knowledge with our students, Facens was honored to be able to contribute to the architect’s creations, which were part of the exhibition “Between bits, atoms and affections”, combining inspiration, interactivity, art, technology and feelings. For this exhibition, the partnership with Facens took place with the use of Fab Lab, our digital manufacturing laboratory, with the production of the exhibition facilities; involvement of students as mediators, in addition to the teachers of our Architecture and Urbanism course with workshops, lectures and discussion tables.